Declutter Your Life With Chakra Power

Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?  In this course you will learn how your clutter affects your energy which will help you to have more lasting success!


Your clutter is a symptom of deeper issues than lack of time and inadequate organizing skills. Clutter represents old energy that can keep you stuck and anxious.

This stuck energy lodges in our bodies and can make us feel tired, overwhelmed and hopeless.

Using the wisdom of the chakras and your energy system you will cultivate greater energy and knowledge to support you in your daily life.

Do you ever:

  • Feel overwhelmed and hopeless when the clutter reappears?

  • Believe it will take a lifetime to dig yourself out from the mess that crept in without you even noticing?

  • Feel as if the walls are closing in on you and you can’t even THINK in your cluttered office or room?

  • Feel totally thrown off course when the unexpected happens?

Woman on beach lovely sky (magician)

What if there was a deeper way to learn to keep your home clutter-free?

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and not knowing where to start.  You energy system will guide you to create a home you will love!

In the  "Declutter Your Life With Chakra Power" program, you will find the tools and resources you desire to turn your clutter story around! And best of all, you will learn how to do so with mindful self-compassion.

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"Declutter Your Life with Chakra Power" will show you how to tap into your inner knowing about what to keep!

This course combines the ancient wisdom of the chakras with tried and true strategies developed during my 16 years as a professional home organizer.

Complete the course in your own time and at your own pace!

Choose the VIP option, and also have access to office hours each month, as well as two 45-minute personal virtual organizing sessions to help get you stared and support you when you feel stuck. VIPs also get to attend 1 decluttering day per month with the fantastic women in my "Declutter Your Life" membership.

And don't forget!  You will have 24/7 support and encouragement in the virtual community!

Discover "Declutter Your Life With Chakra Power!"

The Declutter Your Life With Chakra Power" program is for you if you …

Want tools to KEEP clutter out of your life

text here

Want 24/7access to others on a similar journey

text here

Have tried other programs and the clutter always reappears!

Unexpected challenges are easier to weather when you have an abundance of tools and the an understanding of the energetics effects of clutter.. Over time you will learn to move through transitions with grace and ease.

Imagine learning to trust your intuition and inner guidance when making decisions.

Meet your Guide!

Pam headshot purple square copy
Pam headshot purple square copy

Pam Holland

Teacher & Guide

Pam is affectionately known by many as "that decluttering lady!"

She is the founder and owner of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing, LLC.

Since 2005, Pam has delighted in helping women in transition free themselves from physical, mental and psychological clutter so that their productivity and creativity can grow and flourish.

Pam knows that decluttering is sacred work. Ties to your “things” can keep you from reaching your full potential. By releasing things that no longer serve you, you create space for new opportunities to flow effortlessly into your life.

Other students have found this program to be transformational!
Here's what they have to say!

Stephanie Troung headshot

Stephanie Troung

The clutter in my home was causing me stress and zapping my energy, but I had no idea of how to get started.

In her wonderful membership Pam taught us how to deal with overwhelm and how to break projects into bite sized pieces so that the accomplishment motivates us to keep going & maintain progress.

Jill Breheny headshot color square

Jill Breheny

Pam Holland offers so much grace for her clients and the members of the Declutter Your Life membership.


She guides us compassionately and and with zero judgment. She keeps the focus on positivity and progress, which feels amazing.

Brenda Langille

Brenda Langille

Pam has a wonderful way of re-defining winning at organizing that is helpful + motivating.


I continue to make progress and am thankful for the many resources available in the “Declutter Your Life” membership.

Here’s a taste of what’s included:

Support whenever you need it!

The online membership portals offer 24/7 access to:

Your course materials

Support when you feel stuck

Support from Pam and other students

Expert tips and resources at your fingertips.

signature decluttering days
private group (750 x 1000)

Join VIP and benefit from

Each month, you can attend one of my membership Zoom Decluttering Days.

Decluttering Days provide just the gentle “kick in the tush” needed to meet your personal goals.

Each day offers two Zoom meetings (4 hours apart.)

The first is an Intention Setting Zoom where you craft a clear and concise “Implementation intention”.

The second, the Success Celebration, is your chance to celebrate what you have accomplished and recommit to any task(s) that you wish to do after the Zoom.

Mastermind circle image 750 x 1000

Monthly Q & A sessions

Benefit from focused feedback on your decluttering, organizing and time challenges.

Bring a challenge to the group. Together we brainstorm possible options for moving forward mindfully and joyfully.

You will leave feeling supported by other students and Pam. We will also support you with gentle accountability if you wish.


Mindfulness tools and spiritual practices to support you on your journey

For each chakra there is a mditation to help you go deeper.

The extensive PDF resources for each chakra offer guidance for knowing when that chakra needs support.

There are suggestions for stones, mantras, and essential oils to strengthen each chakra

Mindfulness woman on beach 750 x 1000
private group (750 x 1000)

Members only PRIVATE group
(Not on Facebook!)

Message me in the membership portal for a personal response to any issues you’re working through.

Share successes and before and after pics!

Receive feedback on your projects and challenges at any time from Pam and other members who care about your success and well-being.

That's more than $1,500.00 worth of professional support EACH AND EVERY MONTH!

Pam Holland - professional organizer - Mindful Decluttering copy

Satisfaction Guarantee

We feel certain you will love the membership! If for any reason it is not moving you forward, the funds can be applied to personal services.

Pam Holland - professional organizer - Mindful Decluttering copy

Satisfaction Guarantee

We feel certain you will love the membership! If for any reason it is not moving you forward, the funds can be applied to personal services.

How does it work?

Our signature Decluttering Days keep you moving towards your goals consistently.

Do it yourself (DIY) decluttering days are scheduled on multiple days each month to provide continuity of support and encouragement. The days of the week vary to provide options that will work for everyone!

The Zoom Decluttering Days (4 each month!) are currently held on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Click here to have a peek at the current schedule

Not to worry if you don’t attend all of the events!

If you make it to even one of these dates or watch the recordings in the membership library each month you will find this caring support more than worth your investment. 🙂

And don’t forget! You will have 24/7 access to PDF, audio and video trainings.

Join the "Declutter Your Life ~ Free Your Spirit" Membership

and be supported and encouraged as you create the home of your dreams.

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