More Time ~ Less Paper!

With Pam Holland of Mindful Decluttering & Organizing

When: Saturday, June 24, 2023

9 am CT/10 am MST/Noon EST

Where: Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: So you can productively and joyfully manage your time and your paper!


Registration is limited!

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Pam is affectionately known by many as "that decluttering lady!"

She is the manager of a professional home organizing and productivity business, Mindful Decluttering & Organizing.

Since 2005, Pam has delighted in helping heart-centered women entrepreneurs free themselves from physical, mental and psychological clutter in order to make room for their passions to flourish.

This Masterclass will start in

Discover how you can

  • Be more realistic and productive with your time

  • Get a handle on all of that paper that is stressing you out!

  • Understand how to harness time to meet your paper goals

Watch this shorty short video if you are a "paper person!"

Free yourself of paper clutter and it’s effects!


Discover what is really holding you back

Explore how becoming mindful of your beliefs, thoughts, and habits can make mindful paper decluttering and organizing work for you when other methods have fallen short.

The secret to time transformation and paper organizing systems that  WORK begins with your thoughts and self-talk. 

You will identify a new productive habit to ensure success!

Learn techniques that work!

As a graduate of The Productive Environment Institute's "Home Office For The Business Of Life" training program I can:

Share my 17 years of learning and experience as a professional organizer and productivity consultant

Integrate what I know with the ever evolving systems developed and perfected by Barbara Hemphill and Andrea Anderson. 

You will

Learn simple systems to manage paper flow

Receive guidelines for retaining important papers

Develop personal criteria for making paper decisions

Discover effective systems for paper maintenance

Identify “a first action step” for your personal time & paper plan

But there's more!

Discover how to make time your friend

Explore your unique habits, patterns & rhythms

Choose effective, personalized time tools

Recognize how to be productive with future planning

Choose from proven time management techniques to meet your goals

Free your mind

No more will you have that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something. 

Banish paper piles!

Transform mountains of paper into systems designed with your ways of working in mind.

Reclaim time and energy

Discover how to get things done without feeling worn out and tired.

Save Money!

With effective paper systems, you will no longer miss deadlines and incur late fees. 

See what our clients say!

Stephanie Troung headshot

Stephanie Troung

Pam is a huge inspiration to me in decluttering.

The clutter in my home was causing me stress and zapping my energy, but I had no idea of how to get started.

Pam taught me how to deal with overwhelm and how to break projects into bite sized pieces so that the accomplishment motivates me to keep going & maintain progress.

I love the extra support and training she makes available and the community in her private Facebook group offers a very rich and encouraging group dynamic for all of my organizing activities.
Jill Breheny headshot color square

Jill Breheny

Pam Holland offers so much grace for her clients and the participants in her programs.

She guides us compassionately and and with zero judgment.

Whether you just need a final tune up or hours of help, Pam is wonderful at meeting you where you are and making the whole process feel smooth and effortless.

I highly recommend working with Pam on a small or large project.

She keeps the focus on positivity and progress, which feels amazing.

Megan King

Megan King

I'm so grateful for my session with Pam! She helped me with some great ideas on how to work through the piles and piles of paper and notebooks that had been stressing me out in my home office. She gave me the idea and motivation to start my weekly commitment to "power hours."

I was nervous about the prospect of hiring an organizer: It meant I'd have to show the clutter! Pam was so supportive on our call, helping me to break down the process in a way that's not overwhelming, and fits my style of thinking and organizing.

Not sure you can do this? I've got some stories for you...

One client found gift certificates, her lost passport, and other treasures as she sifted through years worth of paper piles and made decisions using her own personal criteria.

Sally is the historian in her family.  In preparing to move,  she effectively made decisions about what to offer to a historical association and what to archive.


So... are you in?

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